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Bangbros 18: Fuck Me, Wanna Know If I Can Take It

After her ballet rehearsal, Melody Parker and her friend decided to go eat, while they were leaving, Melody Parker could not resist seeing Vlad, he had a huge bulge under his pants, the girls could not believe her eyes, nobody can have a dick that big, they were making fun of it, Melody Parker felt the need to know for sure if that huge giant dick was real, Vlad overheard them and challenge Melody Parker to check for herself and clear any doubts, Melody Parker was fascinated but her friend got embarrassed and left them alone, so Melody Parker asked Vlad if she could touch his dick, she was shocked, that was the heavier dick she has ever touched, Melody Parker got curious and asked Vlad if she could put that giant cock in her mouth, she wanted to try if it would fit, after sucking what she could from that humungous dick, she got spelled, she needed to get fucked, she needed to know if she could take it. Vlad didn't refuse, he stretched her pussy in every position he fucked her, she kept asking for more and more until Vlad spilled his hot cum on her face. Join the 1000s of other BangBros members and watch the full video now.
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