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Bangbros 18: Perv Roommate Gets Fucked

Gianna Dior is getting ready to go out, in the meantime, her roommatesneak in into her room to sniff her underwear, She looks stunning, her hair is done, her make up is done, her outfit is done and her boyfriendjust canceled on her again. Outraged, she decidesto go to her room to cool off, herroommate hears her coming and hides in the closet, Gianna Dior starts to masturbateto release the tension while her roommaterecords her with his cell phone, suddenly he kicks the closet's door and gets exposed, Gianna Dior freaks out, he apologizes and explain to her how difficult it is to be her roommateshe is hot, sultry and has the most perfect tits he has ever seen, what can she expect. She feels flattered and invites him to stay, she let him taste her tits, then she gives him a bj soheshows her his gratitude byfucking her really hardand cumming on her pretty face. Join the 1000s of other BangBros members and watch the full video now.
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