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powermunch episode:
"Walking the Kitty"


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So Nikki Brooks decides to take her little dog for a walk, says it never fails when picking up women at the park. She runs into Chloe J, who decided to take out her kitty for a walk, along with her friend Heather Summers, so they're taking in the sun, chit chatting when Nikki Brooks's dog goes in for the attack, she totally grabs the muncher's to be attention and conversation starts. It's about to rain so they all decide to get out of the rain to be and go somewhere more cozy, so they end up at Nikki Brooks's for some munch and relaxation. Heather Summers has a clit piercing, she's got a fat ass and a huge tits, more for Nikki Brooks to play with, and Chloe J, when she's about to cum, she CUMS my friend! Have a good munch ;)

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