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Seducing the Tutor

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Kimberly Snow needed some urgent biology tutoring. As she never paid attention in class she had no clue about photosynthesis. Such a complex topic. So many hard to memorize words. Nobody in the world could ever understand this. Except for maybe James Angel her tutor. So he tried to explain how it works but all she could make out was bla, bla, bla. But he was kind of cute. She wondered if he worked out. She wondered how big his dick was. Ooops. Did she say that out loud? Indeed she did. So she pretended as if she said it on purpose, told him she is horny and won't study unless he makes her cum. So they went to her bedroom. She showed off her beautiful tits and then she sucked his dick. She was right. It was big!!! They fucked and fucked more. Until she was upside down and he was fucking her from the top. And then he came all over her face. This is what biology is all about.
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