Feb 082010

The BangBros pornsite Fuck Team Five continues to surprise and intimidate regular joes off the street.

What is Fuck Team Five? Well what we do is team up 3 bangbros girls, a camera man and a lighting dude (that makes 5 people) and we roam the streets looking for regular guys who think they got what it takes to fuck multiple bangbros girls at the same time on camera.

fuck team five

Jessica Lynn, Victoria Lawson and Allie Haze are 3 gorgeous girls ready to film another Fuck Team Five video!

Fucking pornstars on camera sounds easier than it actually is. Now I know what you are thinking: “Man if that was me, I would fuck the daylights outta those chicks.” The fact of the matter is many guys either have a difficult time getting hard, blow their load way too fast… or simply can’t ever blow their load at all no matter how hot the girls are. We in the porn biz call this phenomenon of sexual underperfomance stage fright.

fuck team five
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Now in the latest Fuck Team Five episode titled “Not So Handy” we were just hanging out by the pool with
Jessica Lynn, Victoria Lawson and Allie Haze when some repairmen came by our house to fix the interlocking stone by our pool — little did they know they were at the home of the BangBros!

fuck team five
The innocent repairmen are hard at work fixing our interlocking stones. They couldn’t take their eyes off our 3 beauties, talk about a distraction — little did they know what was in store for them!

After telling the repairmen what we were up to they agreed to take on our bangbros pornstars. They all signed a disclaimer agreeing to appear on our website and all of them showered up. These guys were big talk – lets see if they could back up all that big talk with a big performance!

fuck team five
Time to put up or shut up! Listen guys, this is no time to be nervous. Its amazing how some guys get stage fright when they actually have to strip down and have group sex with some pornstars while the camera is rolling. How do you think you would do? Get your bangbros password now to see how they performed!

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Jul 102009

Just more proof that BangBros pushes the limit to bring you the hottest FuckTeam5 public sex videos…

Here’s the news release:

Three performers and three crew members shooting a new installment of Bang Productions’ Fuck Team Five at Lanark Park off Topanga Canyon Blvd. were arrested Wednesday and incarcerated on charges of lewd conduct.

Alexa Jordan, Claire Dames, Natasha Nice, still photographer Greg, director Shooter and one other crewperson were taken into custody in the surprise bust. Four others were let go with tickets.

AVN spoke with Jordan shortly after her release this morning, and she recounted the events as follows: “We had been filming there for probably about an hour — we started out at the baseball field and then we were playing on the basketball court — and as we were leaving when we were all finished, this guy walked up and he was like, ‘Oh, are you guys done? I was liking the show.’ Because we were flashing. And we were like, ‘Yeah,’ and we just kind of kept walking, and then all of a sudden someone ran up and was like, ‘Get up against the wall!’ and showed a badge and pushed all of us up against the wall. We had to get on our knees with our hands on our head, and then they handcuffed us.”

bangbros fuck team five
BangBros Fuck Team Five – see bangbros pornstars gangfuck lucky strangers they pickup off the street!

Jordan said Dames and Nice were released around 2:30 a.m., the three crewpersons several hours later and herself at about 9:30 this morning. Jordan was released on her own recognizance since she had no history of previous arrests, while the others posted bail.

Whether police carried out the bust because of a called in complaint or as a sting operation is unknown, but according to Jordan, very little if any “lewd conduct” took place, and no charges were made against the crew of violating any laws by shooting in the park.

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“They said we were allowed to shoot and everything was fine, it was just that it was in a public place and they thought that the things that we were doing were inappropriate,” Jordan said. “We were playing basketball and some of the girls were bent over and the guys were blocking, so I guess you could say it was suggestive, but as far as nudity, there was a couple moments where some of the girls flashed, but other than that, that was it.”

Miami-based Bang Productions co-owner Penn Davis was reached for comment, but he said he was unaware of the bust. The arrests and issued tickets were confirmed to AVN, however, by Sgt. Nemecek of the Topanga Vice Unit.

Jordan said this occurrence “is definitely going to make me second-think what shoots I accept to do, and to not be afraid to tell a director if I feel that something’s not right or that we shouldn’t be doing something. Because I’ve done public flashing before for sites and I was about to have a heart attack because I was so scared of getting caught and getting in this kind of situation, and now that it’s happened, it’s like, ‘OK … I was right.'”

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Jul 072008

FuckTeam5 is here!

FuckTeamFive is Bangbros’ brand new gangbang and orgy pornsite that is already taking the internet by storm. Fuck Team Five takes the hottest most popular bangbros girls and pays them to fuck regular guys we meet on the street. Yes, thats right, Porn Street meets Main Street!

FuckTeamFive just launched! You can be one of the first to see these hot new gangbang fuckteam5 videos…

The FuckTeamFive episodes arent easy to organize. Each guy has to sign a disclaimer that they agree to take part in the FuckTeam Five video. They are made aware that they’re fucking skills are going to be seen by millions of people. Each of the pornstars agree to fuck our regular joes to the best of their ability. And they do.

We have skilled cameramen that capture all the hot fuck teamfive sex as the fucking begins. This is no easy task. There are multiple blowjobs going on at once, numerous clitrubbing, assfingering and tit squeezing shots we dont want you to miss. Then as the girls start cock riding we manuever the camera around to get you the most revealing views. And of course we captures all the hot facials as each girl takes it in the face like a good pornstar does.

Here are just a sample of the FuckTeamFive videos you can watch now:
bangbros fuckteam5
The FuckTeam Five group of pornstars met a bunch of regular guys in South Beach and took them back to the BangBros condo!

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Our fuckteamfive crew gangs up on the cock! And every cock gets its turn…

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