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Ny Ny Lew is hired to be the Maussue when she arrives. She can't help but notice Jovan Jordan's large stature. She massages his large hands and feet. Ny Ny wonders what else is enormous. She turns around to a massive juicy boner. She is memorized by the size of his manhood. She begs to suck and fuck his cock. She gets to work oiling his dick up and soon gets to work blowing him. It barely fits in her mouth. Her pussy is craving that dick. She gets fucked, and she is in heaven. It's expanding her pussy to the limits. He cums all over her face.
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I just had to show Jovan our new neighbors; Connie and Ny Ny. They are always in their backyard by the pool just oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling. It became to much. So I snuck him in their backyard so he can join in my agony. But Jovan being a giant got us busted. Luckily for us they are pretty cool and put on a show for us. They got naked and continued to oil and tease us with those juicy booties. Until Jovan thought it was an invitation to get naked with them. As soon as they saw how blessed Jovan was, they needed his dick in them asap. They sucked it together good, and when it was time to fuck he stretched Ny Ny to her capacity. But Connie was his kryptonite, all he could do was edge with her until he couldn't take it anymore and unloaded on both their faces. They let us know we could come over anytime and we no longer had to creep out on them. What good neighbors they are.
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Ny Ny is enjoying a nice chill time at home when suddenly her neighbor jay appears! Jay has been checking out her ass from afar for quite some time and now he wants a close up and personal interaction with that ass. Jay gets caught in the house and things get spicy! He finally gets what he's wanted this whole time, who wouldn't wanna get fuck their neighbor in the ass at least once?
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Ny Ny Lew was a hot girl with an amazing body and obviously a really big, shaky ass. She loved to show it off. Tony Rubino joined and ripped her pants so we could see all of the ass. Then he put some oil on it to make it even bigger and shiny. She took off his pants and gave him a nice blowjob. When it was time to fuck, Tony's dick kept disappearing between Ny Ny's buttcheeks. Almost all of Tony got sucked in. They fucked in doggy on the floor and on the sofa. Then they spooned and she was riding him. They did some mish until he came and shut his cum into her mouth.