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momishorny Anal Excercise With Step Mom
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Sweet Vickie is on her backyard getting some mid afternoon stretches out of the way. She puffs her chest out knowing it'll be a good way to get the knot behind her back. While stretching, her step son Chris walks in and wants to start stretching too. Vickie wanted to bond with her step son so she agreed and started to ask what was on his mind. Chris was stressed about his girlfriend asking to fuck her in the ass and he's never done it before. Sweet Vickie has lots of experience with anal sex so she gladly lets Chris practice with her. We start slow but as Chris's dick gets harder and Sweet Vickie's asshole getting tighter, they ramp it up until both of them are shaking with orgasm. Chris is a lucky man to fuck Sweet Vickie, not everyone has the luxury to say they fucked the hottest MILF ever.
assparade In Richelle Ryan's Backyard
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Richelle is in her back yard flicking the bean, when she is creeped upon by Chris and Ethan. The guys can’t help themselves, when they see such a hot older woman masturbating, they have to join in. Richelle not oblivious to the guy’s energy and catches them. She drags them into her house for punishment. Chris pleads to her that it was all Ethans idea. So, Richelle says she will sit on his face first. After smothering both of them with her phat glorious ass, she wants to be spit roasted by the duo. So, they take turns in her mouth and pussy. Richelle screams with delight from all the organisms they give her. She throws that big ass back, and it proved too much for them as they took turns unloading on her face. She let them know from now on, her back gate is always open for them.
bangbus Evie’s Anal Ride
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The bus won’t stop!! We’re out here son! Constantly roaming the streets searching for chicks that’d be down to do anything for some bread. This week we stumbled across this girl named Evie. She was on her way to work, but we had way more money to offer her than her shitty job would. After some convincing, she eventually just hopped on the bus and was ready ready to do anything for the right price. On the bus she showed us her tits quickly and soon after she was sucking some cock. Eventually, Evie got fucked in several different positions making her scream in pleasure.