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Kourtney Love is back and once again outside. It's something about fucking in public that she can't get enough of. Waiting on Bilbao, she decides to work out a little. Then when he shows up she tries to get his lazy ass to join her but it didn't quite go as planned. She wanted to know if he fucked just as lazy and he lit up. This he can do. There was nowhere to really not handle business in front of everyone, for today everyone felt the need to be outside. But that did not deter these two as they just casually continued to fuck infront of everyone. With Cum blasted all over her it was time to get out of there as the spectators started to grow. I'm sure this won't be the last time Kourtney gets railed outside.
publicbang Kourtney's Big Ass In Public
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This time around in public bang we have a beauty from colombia! Her name is Kourtney Love. She has the most amazing pair of big boobs and not to mention a huge ass to go with it. She is not afraid to show all of her assets out in public. She is also not alone, she is joined by Emilio who arrives in a motorcycle. She hops in and they go to an area to have some fun. She sucks his dick like there's no tomorrow. He then bangs her really hard from all positions until he cums all over her face.