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publicbang Threesome Under the Autobahn Bridge
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Angelique Lapiedra was walking down the street when she met Leo, Tommy Cabrio and Emilio Ardana. Of course she liked sex and yes for a couple of 100 Euros she would suck those 2 big dicks. She did it right there in the street with cars and people going by. They moved locations to under a highway bridge. Here Angelique got naked and two dicks started to fuck her. In most positions she would suck one dick and get fucked by the other until they tried both dicks in her vagina at the same time. They fucked in all possible threesome positions until both guys took turns to come into her mouth.
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Mad Bundy is awaiting his friend freddy to arrive so they can go party with the women. However Freddy is way ahead of the curve and has found someone who get this not only want to fuck but whats big Cocks yea plural meaning more than one *gasp* and guess what Freddy and Mad have in common? you guessed big fucking cocks. So need i tell you what happens next or you wanna see for yourself?
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I was just sitting with my phone when I got a knock on the door. Who could it be? I open and what do I see? A tall beautiful blonde just standing there. I ask her what she's doing outside. She replies that she is the neighbor and wants a huge dick to service her. I’m taken back by the request, but how can you say no to such a gorgeous woman. She comes in and from my eyes to yours you get to see some of the most amazing sex you will ever see. She first undresses and shows off her banging body. Then she gets on her knees and starts sucking on my huge cock. From there, we take it to the bedroom where we fuck from all positions until she gets cum all over her pretty face.a